Rule of 40 API

The Python API is now available on here. The Rule of 40 API returns the current and historic list of Rule of 40 stocks and includes scores and relevant dates etc.


  • Get the current Rule of 40 list
  • Get historic Rule of 40 data:
    • At any date since 2010-01-01
    • The full Rule of 40 history of any symbol since 2010-01-01


Use the following pip command:

pip install ruleof40

Methods & Classes


Returns the current list of Rule of 40 stocks, including their Rule of 40 score

get_hist_per_date(date:datetime = None, cookies=None)

Returns the list of Rule of 40 stocks for the given date

get_hist_per_symbol(symbol:str, cookies=None)

Returns the Rule of history for the given symbol since 2010-01-01.


  • Recorded dates ALL apply to the START of the trading day on that date


from ruleof40 import ruleof40 as r40
from datetime import datetime, date
import pandas as pd

current = r40.get_current()

histdate = r40.get_hist_per_date(datetime(2021, 1, 1, 0, 0))

histsym = r40.get_hist_per_symbol('ADBE')

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